Powerful Speaker


By K. Daqrouq

How can we speak powerfully and make the others like to listen? The research in the biggest universities around the world has been conducted to find out the buzz ways for the person to be a powerful speaker. You may be innovated for the extent you are performing research in different aspects of life. Unfortunately, most of these investigations have not been conducted in our universities. In order not to be out of the loop of this all, let’s start working on that, otherwise, we will be left in the lurch.

As a matter of fact, our voice is the most powerful sound you like to hear. There are some habits make others not like to listen to your speech, actually are eight deadly sins of speaking (Julian Treasure’s Lectures). These habits are pretty significant, and we might easily fall into it: First is gossip, which is speaking ill of somebody who’s not present. Second is judging. It is pretty safe to say that nobody likes to be judged continuously. Third, being negative. It is hard to hear somebody whom always is negative. Fourth, complaining about the weather or politics is viral misery. Fifth, excuses, when someone passes the blames onto everybody else. Sixth, embroidery, exaggeration, or lying. Seventh is dogmatism, which is the confusion facts with opinion. Eighth, hysterical laughing and loud voice. By these habits, you lose all of your attraction. In turn, there are four powerful cornerstones and foundations that we stand on to be powerful and to make a change in the world. These rules spell the word HAIL. What do they stand for? H stands for Honesty, be clear and straight. A stands for Authenticity, be yourself or stand on your own truth. I stands for Integrity, be your word, doing what you say. Lastly, L stands for Love (not romantic), wishing people well.

Additionally, the scientists pinpoint some techniques related the powerful and authoritative voice, when we speak. Register: the voice coming from the chest is the most effective, it means, register in between, not stomach’s, throat’s nor nose’s voices. We vote for politicians of low voices. Timber, the way your voice feels. Scientists said that we prefer the voices which are rich, smooth, and warm. If that’s not you, that’s not the end of the world we can start training. Prosody, not to be monotonic. Change your tone, stop, continue and make your speech easy to be tracked. Pace and Pitch, you can get very excited by saying something quickly or slow right down to emphasize. Lastly, Volume, imposing your sound on people around you carelessly and inconsiderately makes you lose your attraction.

Let’s get with the program on the social and psychological studies. We don’t want to end up with the times. You might scratch out for more powerful tricks. Think deep and hard of that. You can change the world, start the butterfly effect.

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