The magic trick behind understanding our brain

By Dr. K.Daqrouq


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Our brain is the most sophisticated device that human beings have ever known. The brain structure of one hundred billion neurons and seven thousand synapses (connections) for each neuron may conduct a very complicated form of neurons processing in parts of the second. On the one hand, our brain controls the whole body and its physiological functions by activating different kinds of feedbacks.  On the other hand, it also manages our emotions, feeling, and behaviors. The incredible structure of this device allows us to fly in a very high level of excellence. The distinction between animals and us is the immense number of responsibilities that we have to accept.

Figure 1: The three brain’s basic parts

The understanding of the brain’s way of mental tasks conducting assists greatly to allow us to function excellently. Let us dive to a particular layer of the brain work performing to discover a fantastic mental concept that may change our way of thinking. To understand this fascinating idea, we have to get to know that our brain contains three physiological parts (figure 1): Neocortex part, which is responsible for conscious and rational thinking. The Limbic brain, which is the emotions generation and interpretation part. Reptilian brain, which is the primitive mind of an instinctive-survival mode (fight or fright), with some characteristics’ include dominance, sex, aggression, compulsiveness, rigidity, obsessiveness, greed, submission, and fear.  As we know, all these characteristics’ are constricting and limiting frequencies.  When we deal with these features, we are setting in our comfort zone of very primitive and limiting mode. Therefore, when anyone freaks out for the mere discussion, is an obsessive gallous or greedy,  can’t control the sexual need, feels a need to make fun of anyone, hurts others or is ego-centric let’s think twice because he is an instinctive- survival person. We have learned from an early age how to control these characteristics. Therefore, we are excellent and attractive to the extent we are bypassing the reptilian brain through the limbic brain to the rational (neocortex) brain.

The question is, how to bypass the reptilian to the neocortex brain? The most effective solutions are: 1) realizing and being aware of this concept, so that your brain will remember the task, 2) if you feel any of above characteristics’ deal with it in a higher level of rationality, 3) it has been proven that the deep breathing, sport, and an artificial laughing help to bypass the reptilian mode.

We have been created to be superior of an exceptional spirituality and nobility. Thus, the more I know about my defect, the better I fix it.

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