Hypnosis is real

By Dr. K. Daqrouq

Is hypnosis a real mind process? It’s the question that has divided people in the last hundred years. The significant therapeutic results had achieved by Dr. Milton Ericson who was acclaimed as the best hypnotist ever.  However, the Hypnosis is not a new concept. There is some evidence that old Egyptians practiced hypnosis for medical purposes (five thousand years ago). German physician, Franz Mesmer (1734-1815), was very popular for his claimed animal magnetism therapeutic method (Mezmarizm). Sigmund Freud (1856-1939)who is the founding father of psychoanalysis had tried hypnosis to justify his initial experiments.

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Hypnosis is the natural process where we go every day when we are more aware of the internal world and less aware of our external world. Scientists do not well justify it because of no touchable and seen part in the brain that could be responsible for it, as well as; there are no consistent results achieved out of it. However, science is not able to prove many dilemmas as well. Until now, we do not know what the viruses are!

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Moreover, why we get hypertension!  We give medicine to decrease the blood pressure without knowledge of what is the reason behind that.  These mysterious characteristics behind the hypnosis should encourage us all to discover this world. So far, the results of therapeutic hypnosis are auspicious, particularly for phobia, stress, anxiety, pain, and many other disorders. BBC published, 16 Nov 2009 “Hypnosis has ‘real’ brain effect.”  The article claims “An imaging study of hypnotized participants showed decreased activity in the parts of the brain linked with daydreaming or letting the mind wander.”


Study leader Dr. William McGeown, a lecturer in the department of psychology, said the results were unmistakable because they only occurred in the highly suggestible subjects. “This shows that the changes were due to hypnosis and not just simple relaxation. “Our study shows hypnosis is real.”


No one can ignore the light emitted out of hypnosis as one of the miraculous human brain forces. Practitioners have continuously contributed to world salvation. The results are the most significant evidence behind the hypnosis existence.

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