Life coach/Ibtissam Mostapha

Life coach and hypnotherapist Find your way by discovering the power inside you. You have all the resources to succeed, just empower your self by triggering the given resource for the given goal. One of the most important factors for a better life is to have better self-awareness. This will assist greatly in discovering the … More Life coach/Ibtissam Mostapha

Hypnosis is real

By Dr. K. Daqrouq Is hypnosis a real mind process? It’s the question that has divided people in the last hundred years. The significant therapeutic results had achieved by Dr. Milton Ericson who was acclaimed as the best hypnotist ever.  However, the Hypnosis is not a new concept. There is some evidence that old Egyptians … More Hypnosis is real

The magic trick behind understanding our brain

By Dr. K.Daqrouq   Our brain is the most sophisticated device that human beings have ever known. The brain structure of one hundred billion neurons and seven thousand synapses (connections) for each neuron may conduct a very complicated form of neurons processing in parts of the second. On the one hand, our brain controls the … More The magic trick behind understanding our brain

Powerful Speaker

By K. Daqrouq How can we speak powerfully and make the others like to listen? The research in the biggest universities around the world has been conducted to find out the buzz ways for the person to be a powerful speaker. You may be innovated for the extent you are performing research in different aspects … More Powerful Speaker

Neglected Research

  By Dr. Khaled Daqrouq It is not easy at all to imagine what is going on in a guy’s mind before a crime conducting. The reason, courage, and desire for that might be very sophisticated that would be impossible to realize by common people. Therefore, criminals are subjects of investigation by psychologists and psychiatrists. … More Neglected Research