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Course1: Life Coach, a Program to Become a Certified Life Coach.

Do you like to have a fascinating and very well-paid profession? Do you like to be a certified life coach? If your answer is yes, please join us on a very exciting journey of the “Life Coach, The Best Guide to Become a Certified Life Coach”  course here on Udemy. Let us dive into our 75 lectures of all that you need to be a very well-paid life coach. In this course you will learn:

# Coaching origin and definitions.

# Coaching background.

# Coaching principles.

# All coaching models.

# Detailed dream-life coaching process.

# Neuro-linguistic-programming coaching principles model.

Eight hours of well-done videos are offered to teach you everything about coaching. More than sixty exercises and many case studies from the best coaches around the world are explained in detail to make you able to get hands-on experience on the subject. Dream big because dreams happen.

I hope you an enjoyable learning and the best luck.

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Course2: Persuasion and influence ماستر في فن الإقناع والتأثير

الدماغ البشري هو أعقد جهاز عرفه الإنسان، وما زال هناك الكثير من الأسرار وراء كينونة عمله وإدراكه للرسائل واستجابته عالية الدقة والسرعة، دعونا في هذه الدورة نبحر في غياهب هذا المخلوق العجيب، دعونا نتفاجىء بماهيته الخارقة.  في هذه الدورة هنا سنعرج على أساليب الإقناع والتفكير المؤثر، كيف نصنع من الشخص العادي إنسانا ذا مواصفات عالية ومؤثرة، بعد فهمه وإدراكه لماهية قوانين الإقناع والتأثير. خطوة بخطوة نقوم بإعداد المتلقي لأعلى مستويات العلوم في هذا المجال بشكل سلس وبسيط، ليس صحيح أن فقط المولودين بصفات خارقه هم العباقرة ولكن بالعلم والتدريب يصنع العباقرة

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Course3: NLP Tactics for Negotiation, Get a Better Deal; 

Powerful Negotiation NLP Structure


If you like to be 20 years ahead of your time, this type, of course, is for you. If you need to learn effective ways to be able to get your rights in negotiation, this course is very essential for you. If you like to understand the negotiation structure in an easy way this course is for you.

In this course, we speak about the negotiation subject with emphasizing on the neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) skills. The objective of this course is to explain the win-win negotiation through a structural angle. So, the student will understand the subject and ideas behind the concepts, the tricks, and the ideas in a complete way. You gonna learn the whole skills and tricks needed for getting a better deal in a very easy way. All lectures are live videos with the instructor.

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Course4: NLP Techniques for Psychological Disorders, Cure Fast1079762_6bed_2

Easy and fast techniques for overcoming depression, anxiety, stress, phobia, trauma, pain, and insomnia

Change your life. It is easy, just change your perception of your capabilities. Learn how to change the meaning of events. Find out how to distort any negative stored stories and situations. Find out how to control and manipulate the psychological disorders. Learn how to coach and hypnotize clients.

In this course we cover:

1. Basics of mind mods.

2. Questioning techniques.

3. Direct techniques.

4. Timeline techniques.

5. Hypnosis

In this course, easy and fast techniques for overcoming depression, anxiety, stress, phobia, trauma, pain, and insomnia are presented. Hypnosis scripts are presented for curing anxiety, insomnia, and pain. Video type lectures with Dr. K. Daqrouq personally, are prepared to make the learning very enjoyable and comfortable.  At the end of this course, you will be able to deal with psychological disorders with confidence, and you will make a distinct difference.

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