Is That Possible?

By K. Daqrouq

Why we feel very sad from time to time?  Why we prefer to be the sea wave while we can be the wind that makes these waves? Why some people are stronger than others in facing a hard time? Can we model them?


We are what we’ve thought most of the time. Our thoughts create us. We are living in the feeling of our thoughts. Since you can change your life by changing your thoughts. The events don’t have colors, we add colors to the events. The obstacles may exist in our minds only. Our perception paints our life using their own colors. The color used in the painting determines the level of beauty it may possess.

For the sake of the argument, the colors used in the paintings are existing in the mind of the artist only. Therefore, they are optional and not mandatory. In fact, they affect the paintings immensely. So be the artist who paints his life with the colors that add beauty to each event,  decision, relationship, speech, and even problem

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Our perception belongs to us only. Then it presents the way we see the world. Each of us has built his own perception and then his own way of sensing, processing, and interpreting reality based on his reality that based on thoughts, values, believes, and driving questions. It means our perception may be changed by affecting these parameters constructing the perception. this is the key to every change that has occurred in life. let’s ask a conscious question, are their ways to manipulate the thoughts, values, believes, and driving question? The answer is yes surely, we can affect that perception by means of various techniques that are immensely beneficial for manipulating the negative perception built by negative inputs and accumulations.

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It is possible to erase negative experiences, traumas, hard situations, bad feelings, and stress. Brian Tracy said, ” we are what have thought most of the time”. The way we see the events can change the events. If you change the way you see the hard situation, the hard situation change.   We are made like that, our neurology is very flexible for fixing.