Neglected Research


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By Dr. Khaled Daqrouq

It is not easy at all to imagine what is going on in a guy’s mind before a crime conducting. The reason, courage, and desire for that might be very sophisticated that would be impossible to realize by common people. Therefore, criminals are subjects of investigation by psychologists and psychiatrists. Therefore, it would be wise to invest in that by funding projects and increase the high-quality research for studying this social defect.

The humanitarian investigations, particularly, the crimes and criminal branches are not interesting and have many challenges. Thus, one could think twice before taking a decision. For the sake of argument, is it worth to start thinking seriously about that?

Let’s cut to the chase, the international community has taken a conscious decision to urge the researchers to perform such studies. However, these kinds of projects don’t guarantee any future financial outcomes such as nanotechnology, renewable energy or biomedical engineering, but if we think deep and hard about the crime consequences on the society, we may lose more by discarding this branch of research. The big companies should contribute as a kind of corporate social responsibility. We are rich to the extent we are useful to our countries not to the extent we have money.

Let’s think twice before neglecting the crime and criminal motivations and treatment ways investigations. It could be very challenging, but it would be wise to start.

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