Thinking Out of The Box

تنزيل (8)

By K. Daqrouq

In the age of consumerism, the problem of bio-waste such as sewage, biomass, and food waste is gradually increased. Have we ever thought of carbon footprint? Carbon footprint means the amount of gas, coal or electricity you have consumed over a period. Many blame chlorofluorocarbons for depleting the ozone layer. Methane generated generously from different human activities like the raising of livestock is considered as a dangerous greenhouse gas.

For the sake of argument, we cannot just blame our consumption-oriented world. Thus, let us ask ourselves some questions: who of us, even individually, took a conscious decision for recycling his garbage or wastewater. Would not it be better to think of the sustainable energy of the wind, water in dams, and solar?

The like-minded people in a given city could make a serious difference by urging and raising public awareness of green living. At least to my mind, the eco-city is the genius solution for living in paradise, a place of clean air and food. I am a firm believer in that solution carried out in Saudi Arabia would be great. Simply speaking, it is the place where we practice the environmentally friendly activities. The power might be generated by the wind, as far as I am concerned, the costs will be negligible. Forest biomass can be used as a bio-fuel. Microorganisms and algae are used to process the city’s sewage until it is clean. The waste is recycled and reused. No toxic waste and landfills.

Let us practice what we preached; Next generation and we deserve that.


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